OPS After School Tuition Centre

A tuition centre in Northampton for children age 5-18 years.

We offer tuition in English, Maths and Science on:-

Monday - 4-6pm
Tuesday - 4-6pm
Wednesday - 4-6pm
Thursday - 4-6pm

OPS Centre is based at Overstone Park School which is located in Overstone Park, Northampton an Ofsted registered educational establishment that has a reputation of care and excellence with pupils of all abilities for over 30 years, successfully educating thousands of pupils, most have whom have entered leading universities in the country.

Overstone Park School is now offering its excellent brand of education at the OPS Tuition Centre to give all children the chance to succeed in our caring, well resourced beautiful country environment which encourages pupils to learn and develop an ambitious spirit to develop their best potential.

Tuition is given in well-resourced purpose built classrooms at Overstone Park School, by qualified and experienced tutors who have had CRB police clearance.

OPS After school Tuition Centre +

What we do best at OPS After School Tuition Centre?

Pupils are taught in small groups of no more than 7 pupils using a mixture of modern and traditional methods with a use of computers, educational software and programmes; interactive whiteboards, projectors, worksheets and textbooks are used to aid learning.

Key Stage 1 to A Level in Mathematics

Key Stage 1 to A Level in English

Key Stage 1 to A Level in Science

At OPS After School Tuition Centre we will give your child the academic and pastoral, support they need from good teaching to achieve success. Pupils are expected to succeed through good teaching, hard work, determination and endeavor to achieve.

We are able to make learning, stimulating and exciting to encourage and develop skills of your child.

Our aim is to build confidence and self esteem to encourage each child to take ownership of their work and to have the drive and desire to succeed.

The courses that we run for each child are challenging but attainable. Pupils are therefore motivated to learn and succeed.

Gifted Children are encouraged to work above the expected levels. We work to a child’s full potential and not to their age. Children have individual needs, and our curriculum reflects this. Our pupils are prepared for entrance exams, SATs and GCSE.

Each Child is given an assessment in their first lessons to enable OPS to ascertain their level of achievement in their selected subject.

OPS Opening Times:- Term Time Only

Monday - 4-6pm
Tuesday - 4-6pm
Wednesday - 4-6pm
Thursday - 4-6pm
Friday - 4-6pm

Tuition is offered term time only and not during the Autumn, Spring and Summer half terms or during the Easter and Summer holidays.

Intense revision tuition is also offered throughout the year.

Tuition Fees +

Each session of 60 minutes costs £18.00

Fees are paid on a weekly, monthly or termly basis. Tutors are qualified with experience in teaching at Primary and/or Secondary Level.

Attendance and Missed Lessons +

Regular attendance is important if your child is going to progress. We require 3 days notice if your child is unable to attend. If insufficient notice is given is given you will be required to pay for the missed lesson.

A deposit of two lessons fees (£36.00) is required at the enrolment stage that normally takes place at the end of assessment, which will secure your child’s place. The deposit is recoverable at the end of your child’s tuition. We require 2 weeks notice before the withdrawal of your child. The deposit is only forfeited if you fail to proceed with tuition after enrolling and do not give two weeks notice before withdrawing your child. Policy for missed lessons will be strictly adhered to.

As an OFSTED registered establishment parents who works more than 16 hours a week and claims tax credits, are entitled to up to 70% off our after school tuition for their child/children. We accept all childcare vouchers. You can redeem these towards the cost of OPS tuition fees if possible.

Conditions of Enrolment: please read carefully. +


We agree to provide tuition by qualified and experience tutors who have CRB police clearances to improve your child’s standard in the respective subjects or subjects selected. We do this on an understanding that you will do your best to ensure that homework is completed, and that you will ensure that your child’s attendance is regular.

How do I register my child? +

Step 1 – Visit the centre and have a look at our facilities.

Step 2 – Read through our literature and our terms and conditions and complete the registration form if you would like to register your child.

Step 3 – We will book your child for his/her first lesson which will be an assessment to help us to understand the needs of your child.

Step 4 – Your child will be taught by dedicated experience teachers who will motivate your child to learn and carefully help him/her to overcome obstacles that they may be facing.

Who would benefit from OPS Tuition Centre? +

Children require tuition for a variety of reasons. Your child may be gifted and require greater challenges, or your child may require help to understand better different aspect of a subject; or your child may be unable to attend fulltime school due to illness. At OPS After School Tuition Centre we are flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of children in different situations.

Are Children given homework?

Homework is an important part of the process. It is relevant to the student’s level and experience and encourages parents to participate actively in their child’s learning.

We do not offer 1 to 1 because students can find this intimidating. We find that students perform with more enthusiasm in a small group.

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